Countless companies are finding that the cloud can make computing more flexible, accessible, reliable, mobile, affordable, and collaborative. However, before jumping on the bandwagon, ask yourself a couple of questions.

We Make Sure Your

Cloud Strategy Aligns with

Your Business Goals

Instead of just the latest trends, our cloud experts can support you from early decision-making all the way through implementation and beyond.


Feasibility Study

  • Should I consider Cloud?

Cloud Spend Analysis

  • Am I spending too much?

Cloud Platform Selection

  • Azure | AWS | Google | Private

SDLC Governance

  • Source Strategy
  • CI Strategy


Cloud Architecture

  • Cloud Migration
  • Automated Provisioning

Continuous Delivery

  • Hands-Free Releases
  • Approval Workflow
  • Rapid Development

Test Automation

  • Unit | Integration | Automated UI


Release Management

  • CI Administration
  • Release Issue Resolution
  • Configuration Management

Source Management

  • Branch | Merge | Troubleshoot


  • Environment Maintenance
  • Cloud Backup
  • Server Patching
  • Monitoring

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Does Your CRM Platform Perform
Everything You Wanted and More?


Cloud CRM platforms typically come with a significant subscription fee and many times companies are not taking full advantage of the capabilities. You should be able to fully integrate your Cloud CRM platform for a holistic approach to customer relationship management. More often than not, the CRM process is more fragmented than intended. This causes a lot of unnecessary friction for your team and your customers.

Does Your Customer Acquisition
Strategy Sync with Your
Retention Plan?


According to Gartner, “Even after more than 25 years of investments, fewer than 25% of organizations have taken on the challenge of an enterprisewide approach to CRM. CRM is an enterprisewide initiative in which enterprises know how they want to manage customer value and loyalty. Knowledge about how to put all the relevant capabilities in place to achieve those goals remains rare. It requires a solid vision and strategy, with a supportive framework in the areas of organizational collaboration, customer experience, processes, information, technology and metrics.” 1

According to Gartner 1

  • Over 50% of CRM systems are now cloud and SaaS based
  • 75% of CRM systems are task-focused, only 15% of CRM systems are analytical
  • “Fewer than 10% are social CRM systemside initiatives in which enterprises know how they want to manage customer value and loyalty. Knowledge about how to put all the relevant capabilities in place to achieve those goals remains rare. It requires a solid vision and strategy, with a supportive framework in the areas of organizational collaboration, customer experience, processes, information, technology and metrics.” 1

We Strike a Balance Between Inward Focus, such as Technology, Customer Data, and the Voice of the Customer (VoC).


Our business first mindset enables us to offer a more holistic approach to optimize the return on investment for your CRM platform. We have also built strong partnerships with two of the strongest CRM leaders.

1. Gartner: The Eight Building Blocks of CRM: Overview. Published on August 16, 2016 by Ed Thompson


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